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Copenhagen Report – Day 1

Thursday November 7 was my birthday. To celebrate, I woke up at 5am and travelled to Düsseldorf to catch a flight to copenhagen. flying is the worst. If it had made sen, we definitely would have taken a train instead, but I think it would have taken too long. Anyway, we arrived in CPH on Thursday on a cold, grey morning.

We set our bags down at our AirBnB in Nørrebro and wandered out to find some lunch and the Coffee Collective on Jægersborggade. We ended up in a little ‘porridge’ cafe for some risotto which was delicious (pickled pumpkin with salted pumpkin seeds!) and as it was quite a small serving, we also stopped at a bakery for a treat to have later. The coffee at CC was pretty good – we both had an aeropress style coffee with different sorts of beans. Continue reading Copenhagen Report – Day 1