Present and remote

Working remotely is great – for me, anyway. I can completely understand that it’s not the ideal situation for everyone, but there are ways to make it work for most people. For starters, I find that I have fewer distractions than when I worked in an office – this lets me focus more on the task at hand.

Since my timezone doesn’t overlap much with the other offices – Berlin and San Francisco – I love that I can basically clear out and read all my emails and Slack messages first thing and then don’t have to watch for new pings for the rest of the day. It’s very liberating! I also really like being able to be the master of my own priority list. I have the trust of my team and company that I’ll do everything I can in a way that makes most sense for me.

What I do miss is the social aspect – to a point, anyway. I’m definitely an introvert, so working from home 100% of the time could teach me bad, anti-social habits. To combat this, I’m trying out co-working spaces in the area. None of them are exactly what I’m looking for, but it’s an interesting search so far!

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