Moving in, Dunedin

Settling in

We moved into our new Dunedin home about ten days ago. The move itself was pretty painless – mostly because it was really just us unpacking some suitcases into an empty house!

However, our packing crate arrived a few days later, so we just had a few nights sleeping on borrowed mattresses before everything turned up. We’ve still got a few things in boxes hanging about, but it’s starting to feel like our place.

Harbour view from the deck
Harbour view from the deck

Even better, a friend from Tom’s uni days in Melbourne is here and staying with us for the next few months. She’s here working at the university in the same lab as Tom, but a slightly different project. Her project is with bees and she’s here on a short-term (6 months

It’s so nice to have a friendly face already here, and to have her stay with us as well is amazing! I’ll be so sad when she heads back home in March.

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