Copenhagen Report – Days 3 & 4

The Nick Cave gig the night before was pretty late, so we had a little snooze-in before heading back out. The weather was deteriorating so my hopes to visit Christiania Freetown was also deteriorating. Instead, we decided to visit the Copenhagen National Museum. The museum is totally free which is terrific and they were having a special “Viking” exhibit which would have been awesome, except the queue to even enter it was about half an hour long. Instead, we decided to explore the ancient history trail which did in fact include quite a lot of information about the Viking period, so we were well-satisfied!

After a few hours pootling through the museum, we were getting tired and hungry again. The siren song of Kent Kaffe Emporium was calling and we were prepared to answer. Siphon, aeropress, pour-over and espresso – they have it all and it is all delicious. Later we dropped in to Mikkeller & Friends to try one or two or four of their forty draught beers. Impressive and delightful, especially when all we have locally is twenty varieties of Kölsch.

CopenhagenOn our last day, we walked through Christiansborg Slot (Palace) and through a more commercial part of the city. These parts of town are never my favourite areas, but they did enable me to find and purchase a kitsch-y teatowel with the Danish flag on it for my collection.

Christiansborg Slot, Copenhagen

Across one of the canals I spotted an intriguing sign warning boats of a statue in the water. Sure enough, in the murky water is a large statue called ‘The Merman and his Seven Sons’. Honestly, I found it a bit creepy, but an interesting way of displaying an artwork.

The Merman and his Seven Sons, Copenhagen

And then it was time to say goodbye, auf Wiedersehen and farvel to Copenhagen and head back home. I hope we can come back another time, in better weather. There are many more areas that I would like to explore – Christiania, the waterfront and Vesterbro.

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