Melbourne skyline from Rucker's Hill

Melbourne Report

At the end of November until the first week of January, Tom and I travelled home to Melbourne. For two wonderful weeks, although we have been gone almost 4 years, it was like we had never left: pubs, friends, family and inhaling the smell of gumtrees.

Maggie and the roos, Woodend
Maggie and the roos, Woodend

I spent time with my mother, my grandmother and my brother’s family. My brother has two young children; one was born while I have been away so it was my first time to meet him in real life instead of over skype!

We went to our old favourite pubs; some have changed, some have not 🙂 We went to our old favourite restaurants and ate food that we are just unable to get in Europe: Malaysian, Indonesian, Thai, Chinese dumplings and awesome vegetarian options on all menus. We went to the Queen Vic Market, we went to wanky cafes and didn’t cook anything at all.

It was all good, and it was almost all sunshine. Nothing made me more homesick than visiting home.

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