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German Spring

It’s been a bit of a strange weekend.

On Saturday, we had beautiful spring sunshine so we headed over to the Volksgarten for a grill session with a couple of friends. On the way, we stopped at the local “Australia Shop” because we needed Vegemite (don’t judge!) and figured we could grab some beer from home while we were there (Kölsch is ok, but it’s nice to be able to have a little variety sometimes!). We bought a sixpack of Coopers Red and not only was it totally worth it, it was possibly even cheaper than at home!

A little taste of home

We set up on the north shore of the small lake away from the larger crowds. While trying to find a nice spot, Tom made the comment that the crowded area was a little too “Apocalypse Now” which was actually pretty apt with all the grill smoke. We did find a quiet place eventually, though, and made the most of the sunshine with a little frisbee and chatting.


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