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Train travel

Last week my reserved train seat was in the little compartment at the front of the train just behind the driver. This meant my fellow passengers (about a dozen of us) had a terrific view of the train simply eating up the distance as the sun rose.

I have never before sat in one of these seats so I really enjoyed it. I don’t think it was a particularly fast piece of track although it was fast enough that sometimes things would whizz past in the middle distance before you had worked out if it was a shed or a cow. I especially enjoyed floating past the traffic on the autobahn situated alongside us: I found myself feeling extremely smug about that!

Still, I do find myself caught up in the opportunities for train travel in Europe. While my initial expectations were perhaps a little romantic and tinged with the drama of too many Agatha Christie novels as a child, I still find them endlessly convenient and valuable.

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