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Jonçy at the door

Trucking on

Well, well, well. It has certainly been a busy few weeks since Easter. The main change is that we have moved to a new flat, and unfortunately this time we moved ourselves which is every bit as awful as I remembered! However, I did drive the moving truck, which was really quite the experience. We hired a huge camion with a liftgate and that certainly helped with much of the heavier stuff, but the first time I climbed into the cabin was a little nerve-wracking. I haven’t driven in around 3 years and on top of that I have never driven on the wrong (errr, right?) side of the road. It was fine, of course! Even a little bit fun, if I’m honest.

So, here we are now in a little village just outside the main city of Montpellier. I miss our neighbour’s friendly cat, whom we christened ‘Jonçy’.

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