Stretching myself

After we moved into our house, I started looking around for a nearby yoga studio. There are a few in town to choose from, but I settled on 2nd Floor Yoga as the range of classes suited me as well as the location – so close to my work!

I started off doing a couple of classes after work each week, but when they began offering classes at lunchtime as well, I thought that would be an interesting way to invigorate my day!

I’m now doing two evening plus two lunchtime classes each week, and I feel great as a result! I can feel some flexibility and strength returning, and at the end of every class, I just feel longer!

Until starting these classes, I’ve been trying to do a yoga session using classes through an iPad app and that was good, but it just wasn’t enough. Being part of a class means having the energy of the group to propel you further and stronger, and having the teacher acting as a guide as well is really necessary for improvement – for me, anyway!

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