Hamburg sunset

Hamburg, October 2016

From Amsterdam, we took a train to Hamburg – a city we had always wanted to visit but never got around to going to. I’m so glad we did in the end, because it’s a really special place.

We met up with some friends in Hamburg – a couple living in London right now, and another couple living in Leipzig. All friends from Melbourne days, so it was really special to have some time with them before we left Europe.

Hamburg is a lovely city to walk through, and would probably be really nice to ride a bicycle through as well. We stayed in the Karolinenviertel area which gave us access to lots of great Turkish restaurants (miss u, German-Turkish food!), bars and cafés. While we wandered the neighbourhoods, we drank beer along the harbour and admired the spectacular views.

Some highlights:

One of our friends organised for us to do an Escape Room activity – not something Tom and I would normally consider, but with this group it was really fun. We went to Team Escape and did a ‘scientist-themed’ escape. Considering we had three scientists on our team, we thought we’d blitz it but it actually involved logical-thinking and luck instead of science know-how!

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