Copenhagen Report – Day 1

Thursday November 7 was my birthday. To celebrate, I woke up at 5am and travelled to Düsseldorf to catch a flight to copenhagen. flying is the worst. If it had made sen, we definitely would have taken a train instead, but I think it would have taken too long. Anyway, we arrived in CPH on Thursday on a cold, grey morning.

We set our bags down at our AirBnB in Nørrebro and wandered out to find some lunch and the Coffee Collective on Jægersborggade. We ended up in a little ‘porridge’ cafe for some risotto which was delicious (pickled pumpkin with salted pumpkin seeds!) and as it was quite a small serving, we also stopped at a bakery for a treat to have later. The coffee at CC was pretty good – we both had an aeropress style coffee with different sorts of beans.

The street itself was full of cute boutiques, I completely fell in love with one selling wool: rugs and scarves, delicate underthings and then some wacky random homewares stuff as well. We walked past the mikkeler & friends bar and planned to head back later in the trip.

We headed back towards the city centre later with the vague plan of each buying a swipe-y travel card and then looking for some dinner near nørreport station. The station is undergoing extensive renovations so it caused us some confusion but we found a machine to sell us the travel cards and also saw some promising restaurants. Everything looks so posh! Everyone looks so chic! I am feeling extremely frumpy…

We discovered a sort of market hall called Torvehallerne with loads of different restaurants and stalls with delicious coffee, baked goods and chocolates. It reminded me of Mathallen in Oslo. Unfortunately it was closing, so we made plans to head back on Day 2, choosing to hit up Firefly Garden for a vegetarian feast including local beers from Nørrebro Bryghus. So good!


What with the early start to the day we were both pretty knackered so we didn’t exactly party hard for my birthday, but it was a terrific and delicious day.

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