Roslyn sunrise

A dream of a project

I’ve been project-leading a big undertaking at work recently – the purpose of which is to streamline our methods of communication with a third-party provider who is integral to the PocketSmith product. It’s a really exciting development for me to take charge with, and once it’s done it will be a huge efficiency-boost for my team: at the moment, we’re only able to have one team-member manage the communication with the vendor, and it involves a ridiculous amount of copy-pasting of text and repetitious tasks in several platforms.

Once I’m done, we’ll have streamlined our communication so that we can manage everything in our own helpdesk software and all members of the team will be able to manage their own communication streams. We will no longer lose information because we haven’t received an email or notification, and we’ll be able to improve the experience for our users.

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Little Katze at rest

Little Katze!

When we got back from our Clutha Gold bike trip,  we made good on something we’ve been talking about for a few months… we adopted a pet!

Since we like to take weekends away, we figured that a cat would be the easiest to manage, although we both love having dogs about. We drove out the the Dunedin SPCA rescue centre and fell in love with pretty much every cat in the facility. Continue reading Little Katze!

Roxburgh, Clutha Gold bike trail

Clutha Gold bike trail

This past weekend, Tom and I got out onto our bikes and headed off on a nearby trail. In Central Otago, the Clutha Gold bike trail is a relatively easy ride of just under 75 km along the lovely Clutha river between Roxburgh and Lawrence.

With the weather looking relatively good (for autumn!), we drove out to Lawrence early on Saturday morning where a friendly transfer from Lawrence Bike Transfers were ready to ship us and our bikes out to Roxburgh Village and the start of the trail.

The Clutha river, Clutha Gold bike trail
The Clutha river, Clutha Gold bike trail

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Rugby @ Forsyth-Barr Stadium

Crash, tackle, try!

Last Friday we went to see a rugby match – my first ever, to be honest! – and it was pretty fun!

The local team – the Highlanders – played South Africa visitors the Stormers. Not knowing much about the rules or tactics, it looked in the first few minutes as if the Stormers were going to take the win. They pulled off a neat try in the first few minutes, as we were still settling in to our seats.

Nevertheless, the Highlanders persisted and it was clear pretty quickly after that that they were the better team: better ball handling, and more accurate plays. I still don’t understand the game very much, but it was a good night!

Highlanders vs Stormers @ Forsyth-Barr Stadium
Highlanders vs Stormers @ Forsyth-Barr Stadium