A long way to Fitzcarraldo

Last weekend, the New Zealand International Film Festival kicked off some pre-events in Dunedin before the main festival begins in August. I happened to notice the flyer for the screenings while we were having some drinks one evening the week before, and flipping through the guide, a film caught my eye: Fitzcarraldo, directed by Werner Herzog.

I first heard about this film when Irish band The Frames, many years titled an album and song for this film. Nevertheless, I had not seen it until a few years ago when we watched it on our television in Germany. Continue reading A long way to Fitzcarraldo


Melbourne, April 2017

My sweet pooch, Ginger is about 16 years old. I rescued her at about 4-5 months old and she has been a member of my family ever since. She lived with me at my mum’s while I studied at university, and moved out with me to my first sharehouse in Fitzroy where she had another dog and three cats to play with.

When Tom and I moved in together, she came too. Then, in 2012 we moved to Germany – originally expecting to only stay away two or maybe three years – so we left her behind with my mother. Continue reading Melbourne, April 2017

Otago Central Rail Trail

Rails and whales

Nope, not Ruby on RailsRail Trails! That’s right, we’ve done some bike riding!

First, we did a section of the Otago Central Rail Trail which was pretty magnificent. We did the very end (depending on which way you ride, I guess!) of the trail from Middlemarch to Rock and Pillar Station and then back to Middlemarch. It was really pretty, and quite hot out in Central – it just seems to be at least a few degrees warmer at all times! Continue reading Rails and whales


Stretching myself

After we moved into our house, I started looking around for a nearby yoga studio. There are a few in town to choose from, but I settled on 2nd Floor Yoga as the range of classes suited me as well as the location – so close to my work!

I started off doing a couple of classes after work each week, but when they began offering classes at lunchtime as well, I thought that would be an interesting way to invigorate my day!

I’m now doing two evening plus two lunchtime classes each week, and I feel great as a result! I can feel some flexibility and strength returning, and at the end of every class, I just feel longer!

Until starting these classes, I’ve been trying to do a yoga session using classes through an iPad app and that was good, but it just wasn’t enough. Being part of a class means having the energy of the group to propel you further and stronger, and having the teacher acting as a guide as well is really necessary for improvement – for me, anyway!