A roof over our heads

Settlement has come and gone, and we’ve now moved into our new house – it’s a bungalow built in around 1925, and we’ve already made a few changes by ripping up most of the carpets and exposing the beautiful floorboards hidden beneath. The boards are creamy rimu – a native wood that you’re not allowed to harvest any more due to conservation concerns.

We’re also putting in central heating and thinking about renovations – how nice would a deck be?! what about a brand new kitchen?! Dreams for now, but fingers crossed we’ll be able to get more done soon!

Mogwai, importantly, seems to have settled into the chaos. He was a bit perturbed by all the commotion of moving, but is currently enjoying exploring new corners of the house and the garden.

It’s also a convenient location for cycling into town! We now cycle around the Otago Harbour, so we get this amazing view twice every day!

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