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A roof over our heads

Settlement has come and gone, and we’ve now moved into our new house – it’s a bungalow built in around 1925, and we’ve already made a few changes by ripping up most of the carpets and exposing the beautiful floorboards hidden beneath. The boards are creamy rimu – a native wood that you’re not allowed to harvest any more due to conservation concerns.

We’re also putting in central heating and thinking about renovations – how nice would a deck be?! what about a brand new kitchen?! Dreams for now, but fingers crossed we’ll be able to get more done soon!

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Little Katze at rest

Little Katze!

When we got back from our Clutha Gold bike trip,  we made good on something we’ve been talking about for a few months… we adopted a pet!

Since we like to take weekends away, we figured that a cat would be the easiest to manage, although we both love having dogs about. We drove out the the Dunedin SPCA rescue centre and fell in love with pretty much every cat in the facility. Continue reading Little Katze!

Moving in, Dunedin

Settling in

We moved into our new Dunedin home about ten days ago. The move itself was pretty painless – mostly because it was really just us unpacking some suitcases into an empty house!

However, our packing crate arrived a few days later, so we just had a few nights sleeping on borrowed mattresses before everything turned up. We’ve still got a few things in boxes hanging about, but it’s starting to feel like our place. Continue reading Settling in