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Moving in, Dunedin

Settling in

We moved into our new Dunedin home about ten days ago. The move itself was pretty painless – mostly because it was really just us unpacking some suitcases into an empty house!

However, our packing crate arrived a few days later, so we just had a few nights sleeping on borrowed mattresses before everything turned up. We’ve still got a few things in boxes hanging about, but it’s starting to feel like our place. Continue reading Settling in

Purakaunui Falls

Curio Bay, December 2016

I started work this week at PocketSmith – a personal finance management product for people to manage their budgets and get an overview of their spending habits. I’m working in the support team as a technical support agent, helping people solve bugs and identify UX issues within the product. It’s exciting, but I’ve got a lot to learn!

Meanwhile, the weekend before I started, Tom and I took a weekend break and drove down to Curio Bay in the Catlins. Our intention was to see some penguins and take a few walks. Continue reading Curio Bay, December 2016

"Gig City", Dunedin

Welcome to Dunedin!

Our month-long journey from France to New Zealand has drawn to a close!

From Singapore, we flew directly to Christchurch on New Zealand’s South Island. One night layover and then the final leg to Dunedin.

Christchurch is full of lovely parks, but it’s extremely sprawling so we didn’t get to really sink ourselves into it. The Botanic Gardens are lovely (ducks!) and we visited a sweet pub near our rental with real ale and lots of microbreweries represented. The Twisted Hop Pub, check it out! Coffee is also a big Thing in Christchurch. We visited C4 Coffee Roasters and thought it was great. Continue reading Welcome to Dunedin!