Dunedin Harbour from our kitchen window

House on a hill

We have a house! Our application to rent a lovely house in Roslyn, Dunedin was approved – we move in in about 10 days!

Fingers crossed, all our belongings arrive around then, too… We might have to borrow some mattresses from a friend in the meantime.

Our house is two storeys and has a big yard with a small veggie patch. There’s a deck for summer-time and a wood-fired stove heater for winter-time: I think we’ll be cosy!

We have been exploring Dunedin and areas while we looked for a house –  a good way to see a city, I think! We were tempted to look for a place along the beach in Saint Clair area (it’s so beautiful!) but ended up with our place a bit closer to town.

St Clair beach, Dunedin
St Clair beach, Dunedin

However, the house might be closer in terms of distance, but maybe not in terms of hills: Dunedin has hills up the wahoosie! And they are steep! The reason our view is so good is entirely due to the steepness of those hills…

Apart from househunting, I did a few short hikes. My favourite was around Sandymount, down the peninsular from Dunedin. Sandymount is literally a mountain of sand on the peninsular, but there are some amazing views around the area with beautiful rocky formations like ‘The Chasm’ and ‘Lovers Leap’. The views from the peak are sensational and there’s a beach in view where seals, sea lions and penguins often hang out, but I didn’t see any on this visit.

View from Sandymount
View from Sandymount


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