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Le Tech, France

Doors and Windows

Well, well, well. What a dramatic previous post that was! I’m really not usually one for melodrama, I promise.

The big news I suppose is that I’m no longer working at the software development company in St Gély du Fesc, which was a pretty big bummer at the time. However, it’s pretty much worked out pretty great – I’ll be starting a new role with one of Montpellier’s biggest tech success stories. More info on that after I start at the end of July!

L'aqueduc des Arceaux

Moving to France

A little while ago Tom and I took a trip to Montpellier in France so that Tom could attend a job interview and see the lab/facilities at IRD. I took a few photos on that occasion but I never posted about it.

When they offered Tom the job, we had to make a few decisions very quickly and so in a very short space of time I quit my job; we found new tenants for our German flat and we started to make plans for removalists. Critically, we also had to organise our attendance at a wedding in the Scottish Highlands and the start of my Ironhack web development course in Barcelona. Continue reading Moving to France