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Moving to France

A little while ago Tom and I took a trip to Montpellier in France so that Tom could attend a job interview and see the lab/facilities at IRD. I took a few photos on that occasion but I never posted about it.

When they offered Tom the job, we had to make a few decisions very quickly and so in a very short space of time I quit my job; we found new tenants for our German flat and we started to make plans for removalists. Critically, we also had to organise our attendance at a wedding in the Scottish Highlands and the start of my Ironhack web development course in Barcelona.

Well, we made it to Montpellier in mid June and installed ourselves in an AirBnB for two weeks while Tom started his work and I looked for a new flat. We signed the papers for the lease the day before we left to visit Scotland which was a huge relief.

We arrived back in Montpellier on July 5 and stayed in another AirBnB because all our furniture was still in storage. The earliest possible delivery time was  still a few days later and unfortunately by then I was already in Barcelona for the start of Ironhack. Since then, I’ve spent about 30 hours in the flat in total. In fact I’ve just left to return to Barcelona after spending the weekend helping Tom organise the furniture and unpacking all the boxes. The flat now looks a little less like a warehouse and more like a home.

The layout of the flat is a little strange and all the furniture we bought in Germany doesn’t really suit it, but for the moment it is Home and that is all that matters!

As I mentioned, I’ve spent the weekend in Montpellier – in fact I’m writing on the train back to Barcelona. It was kind of strange to be in France again after two weeks in Spain but also really cool. I like Montpellier a lot although we haven’t explored the whole city yet, just a few small areas. The weather is of course a major point in it’s favour, but I also like the fact that it’s a student town so there are a lot of events regularly. I am also very happy that the sea is so close now. I’m always happier near the salt water.

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