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Leipzig, October 2016

After saying a sad goodbye in Hamburg to our friends living in London, we hopped on the train with our Leipzig pals to stay with them for a few days. Apart from Berlin, we had never been to (former) East Germany before and were curious to see what it was like.

Leipzig is in the Saxony region of Germany, not far from Dresden. It was bigger and more populous than I had expected and really lively thanks to a reasonably large student population. The city has a pretty revolutionary past, being involved in the fall of the East German regime and the fall of communism.

There is a really interesting feel to the city, partly to do do with the young population and partly with the injection of capital by the government. There’s quite a fun melding of old and new. Continue reading Leipzig, October 2016

Hamburg sunset

Hamburg, October 2016

From Amsterdam, we took a train to Hamburg – a city we had always wanted to visit but never got around to going to. I’m so glad we did in the end, because it’s a really special place.

We met up with some friends in Hamburg – a couple living in London right now, and another couple living in Leipzig. All friends from Melbourne days, so it was really special to have some time with them before we left Europe. Continue reading Hamburg, October 2016

NYE 2013

It still seems so strange that fireworks are legal here in Germany for New Years’ Eve (aka Silvester). At home in Australia they have been completely illegal for years because of the danger that a spark could ignite a fire in summer. And then to see so many of the usually mild-mannered and law-abiding German citizens blithely letting off crackers and fireworks in the streets and with children running around blindly… it’s so strange!

NYE 2013, Cologne
NYE 2013, Cologne

Continue reading NYE 2013