Singapore & George Town, September 2019

After visiting my company offices, my flight home was booked through Singapore, so I figured… why not stay a few days? Well, that turned into something a bit more special…

Tom flew in to Singapore to meet me there, and we caught up with some friends who have just had a child. The food in Singapore is out-of-this-world delicious and they take their coffee pretty seriously, so we had a terrific few days.

From there, we headed north to George Town in the Penang region of Malaysia. My boss from my previous job at PocketSmith has family there, so was able to give us som excellent advice on places to visit and where/what to eat.

We loved it so much – the heat and humidity took some getting used to, but the city is super-fun and interesting. Like Singapore, the food is absolutely incredible and it’s such a treat to try so many different varieties.

We went back to Singapore for the last few days of vacation and then home again to Dunedin where the weather is still pretty wintry! All in all, I was away for almost six weeks, so I was pretty happy to be home regardless of the temperature!

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