Rivendells at the Tour de France in Montpellier

Tour de France races through town!

Last Thursday, the Tour de France came to town!

More specifically, Montpellier was the starting point for Stage 12 of the cycling race (Montpellier – Mont Ventoux). First, a parade of sponsors drove through with gifts for the kiddies, music and a huge crowd…

Following the sponsors, the peloton arrived!

The Stage from Montpellier truly started just outside the city, so it was slightly more subdued than I expected when the riders started pouring through with their support escorts. Their pace was limited on purpose until they reached the actual starting point, so we actually saw the cyclists instead of just a blur!

It took a quick video of them along the Avenue de l’Europe in Castelnau-le-Lez right near our house:

Passage des coureurs, Castelnau-Le-Lez

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