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Antwerpen Report

Karneval time in Cologne is frighteningly busy: there are crowds everywhere (huge portions of which are drunk), terrible music (schlager, of course) in every bar and none of the shops are open. There are of course the charming traditional parades and celebrations but for me, it is all bit much.

Belgian Frituur
Belgian Frituur

Instead, we embraced the fact that Mark Sultan (aka BBQ) was touring Europe and playing a show nearby in Antwerp, Belgium to take a long weekend away from the insanity. We took the train West on Friday, checked into our flat then grabbed a dish of frites and headed straight to see Mark Sultan perform. Continue reading Antwerpen Report

Belgian BBQ

This weekend we are travelling to Antwerp in Belgium. Mark Sultan (aka BBQ) is playing a gig there and it’s also just a good excuse to get out of town for a couple of days and do something different. It has seemed as though the last few weekends the weather has been completely rubbish and either I or Tom has been sick so we didn’t want to do anything at all (although we did see Bill Callahan play at Köln Kulturkirche last weekend and it was terrific).

All I really know about Antwerp is that it is up on the Dutch border and is a big port. Which is fine – you certainly don’t always need to know everything about a place to enjoy it! Continue reading Belgian BBQ