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Christmas 2013 Recap

We had such a great time in Munich for Christmas! I loved hanging out with pals: relaxing, eating and drinking as much as humanly possible…

20131225 Munich 205

We stayed in the loveliest little AirBnB flat right near our hosts and super close to the city centre as well. They put on an incredible feast which seemed like so much work but they made it seem pretty effortless.

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Christmas Plans, 2013

Like many people I have mixed feelings about holiday period and Christmas especially. I am not and never have been religious so it feels weird to have this holiday that I never asked for while being bombarded with Christian messages. I guess Easter time is similar. I do like having time off work, though. And even more than that I love giving gifts to the people I love.

Last year was the first year that Tom and I spent completely separate from our families and friends back home. Unfortunately, it is also Tom’s birthday so I think he has some resentment for the holiday and generally dislikes it. His normal tradition is to go play golf with his brother all day, which I find a perfect solution.

So, in 2012 we cooked a festive Christmas lasagne with roast vegetables and a festive Christmas chocolate cake. We exchanged a few small gifts and watched movies with the heating on and probably didn’t even leave the house. What would be the point?! Everything is shut!

This year, our friends Ruaridh and Georgia have recently moved to Munich and have invited us as part of a larger group of their friends to their place to celebrate together. Tom and I have booked our train tickets down for Christmas Eve and will head home on the 27th which gives us a few days to spend with our pals and catch up on the latest as the last time we saw them was just before they moved from Berlin to Munich.

Glühwein at the Münchner Christkindlmarkt (2012)

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