Rugby @ Forsyth-Barr Stadium

Crash, tackle, try!

Last Friday we went to see a rugby match – my first ever, to be honest! – and it was pretty fun!

The local team – the Highlanders – played South Africa visitors the Stormers. Not knowing much about the rules or tactics, it looked in the first few minutes as if the Stormers were going to take the win. They pulled off a neat try in the first few minutes, as we were still settling in to our seats.

Nevertheless, the Highlanders persisted and it was clear pretty quickly after that that they were the better team: better ball handling, and more accurate plays. I still don’t understand the game very much, but it was a good night!

Highlanders vs Stormers @ Forsyth-Barr Stadium
Highlanders vs Stormers @ Forsyth-Barr Stadium

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