Roadside rosemary

Quiet contemplations

It’s been a quiet few months since the excitement of hosting Christmas here. The weather has been pretty grim until recently – rainy, windy and generally unpredictable – but we are starting to see the beginnings of Spring and even Summer.

Basically, I’ve been sneezing for a month straight, so it must be Spring!

In March, we were thrilled to host a couple more friends visiting from Melbourne. I’ll have another post about the weeks we spent with them as soon as I have finished editing the photos. We spent some time here in Montpellier, but also explored a little of northern Spain. The vague plans that we had made for travelling fell through slightly, but in the end we adapted and made different plans so it all worked out in the end!

Looking ahead, another friend is coming to visit over Summer – she is planning to participate in an intensive French language course, so maybe she can teach us something! We are also hoping to visit Turkey and Greece, probably in September, so I’m already looking at fun things to do there!

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