Mannheim sunrise

Riding to work: Before Sunrise edition

There are many great things to love about cycling to work and home again. I love that I don’t have to worry about public transport breakdowns or traffic. I like the brief exercise (I only have a relatively short ride!) to start and end the work day.

At the moment, my favourite thing about cycling early to work (about 7:30am at the moment) is crossing the canal and seeing that morning’s sunrise. The colours, clouds and drama of the moment are a special time of the day and I always slow down (even slower than I normally ride) to take it all in.

Mannheim sunrise
Mannheim sunrise

Of course, some mornings I am too early and the sky is still nightblack. Some mornings the sunrise is just a change in greyscale from nightblack to gloom. And that’s ok, too, because it makes those amazing mornings with pure light striking from the horizon behind the mountains or the mornings where the colours simply cannot be believed into something special and treasured.

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