Amsterdam Canal

Travel Plans: BCN & AMS

Next week Tom’s brother and his girlfriend will arrive in Europe. They’ll be here for just over two weeks only, so we’ve decided to take them to two of our favourite places – Barcelona and Amsterdam.

We’ll spend a few days here in Montpellier, but although it’s a nice little city, it’s not very interesting for visitors. They will be our first visitors since we moved to France and I’m super excited for the chance to return to both Barcelona and Amsterdam.

We don’t really have any plans for what we will do, but I’m guessing we’ll be mostly focussed on eating delicious food, drinking delicious coffee and tasting lots of beers and wines. I think we’ll rent bikes in Amsterdam and maybe (if the weather is ok!) ride out to Haarlem one day. In Barcelona I would like to visit a museum or two since we have about a week there.

I’m also particularly looking forward to seeing all the BCN-based Ironhackers again! I miss their faces!

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