Visiting Melbourne, but settling in to Dunedin

2018 was an exciting year – mostly because of Mogwai – but also because we’ve really settled in to our life here in Dunedin, NZ. So much so that we’ve bought a house! The settlement happens shortly, so for now we’re looking forward to moving in and making the place our own.

We also had a trip back to Melbourne in December-January to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

It was lovely to get home for a short time – especially in summer – and catch up with a bunch of friends as well as family. The party was fun with lots of extended family coming over to my mum’s place and many old friends dropping by during the day to catch up. While we were there, Tom and I headed out to the SummerTones festival as we’d heard that Gareth Liddiard from the Drones was starting a new band with his wife Fiona Kitschin and two other talented musicians: Erica Dunn of Harmony and Mod Con and Lauren Hammel of High Tension . Tropical Fuck Storm was amazing and it was awesome to be at a festival again (even if it was south of the river!) with all the hipsters.

For Tom’s birthday, I got him tickets to see Run The Jewels at Festival Hall while we were in town. That was also great! A very different vibe to TFS, but such a great show.

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