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Visiting Melbourne, but settling in to Dunedin

2018 was an exciting year – mostly because of Mogwai – but also because we’ve really settled in to our life here in Dunedin, NZ. So much so that we’ve bought a house! The settlement happens shortly, so for now we’re looking forward to moving in and making the place our own.

We also had a trip back to Melbourne in December-January to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday.

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Reigning Sound, Debaser Stockholm

Stockholm Report

It’s been a busy few weeks with lots of travelling (in fact, I’m away right now as well!), but they have all been really exciting trips to see places we’ve never been to before. I was excited to visit Stockholm to compare it to other Scandinavian cities we’ve visited (Oslo, Copenhagen).

While I really liked the city and there were lots of fun things to do, I didn’t really find it that beautiful, so the camera stayed in my bag most of the time! Nevertheless, we packed a lot into a short trip.

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Belgian BBQ

This weekend we are travelling to Antwerp in Belgium. Mark Sultan (aka BBQ) is playing a gig there and it’s also just a good excuse to get out of town for a couple of days and do something different. It has seemed as though the last few weekends the weather has been completely rubbish and either I or Tom has been sick so we didn’t want to do anything at all (although we did see Bill Callahan play at Köln Kulturkirche last weekend and it was terrific).

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