Belgian BBQ

This weekend we are travelling to Antwerp in Belgium. Mark Sultan (aka BBQ) is playing a gig there and it’s also just a good excuse to get out of town for a couple of days and do something different. It has seemed as though the last few weekends the weather has been completely rubbish and either I or Tom has been sick so we didn’t want to do anything at all (although we did see Bill Callahan play at Köln Kulturkirche last weekend and it was terrific).

All I really know about Antwerp is that it is up on the Dutch border and is a big port. Which is fine – you certainly don’t always need to know everything about a place to enjoy it! We have no other plans apart from the gig, so we will probably explore the old town a little and scope out all the available food and beer options. As usual, I’m also hoping to get a few nice photos – it’s been a while since I’ve done any photography!

Belgium at sunset
Belgium at sunset

Belgium has been very good to us in general, although we have only done any exploring in the Flanders regions. Somehow, the Frenchier parts of Europe have not yet made it onto our travel plans just yet! Photo sets from our previous travels through Belgium can be found here: Hasselt | Bruges, Ghent, Oostende and Leuven.

I’ve seen BBQ twice before – once in Melbourne when he played with King Khan, and again in 2012 when he supported Reigning Men in Münster. He’s a terrific musician and I’m really looking forward to it.

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