I’ve been working on a new app lately. It’s a sort of grocery list creator based on recipes that you enter into the application.

The inspiration is that I’m sick and tired of going to the supermarket every day and trying to think about what to cook each evening. Neither Tom or I have time these days for such foolishness, so the app helps you plan a menu of meals and then gives you a list of ingredients required for that menu. We’re using it so that we only have to think weekly about what we will cook and we can do all the shopping just once for the whole week.

Writing shopping lists is so 2010
Writing shopping lists is so 2010

It’s still in a total prototype phase, but we’ve been using it for the last few weeks or so and it’s saved us a lot of irritation. Using the prototype has also been useful for working out some useful features to implement in the future.

Now all I need to do is work out how to implement those features and find the time to do some coding.

Checkout the github repository or see how we’re using it on heroku.

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