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I’ve been working on a new app lately. It’s a sort of grocery list creator based on recipes that you enter into the application.

The inspiration is that I’m sick and tired of going to the supermarket every day and trying to think about what to cook each evening. Neither Tom or I have time these days for such foolishness, so the app helps you plan a menu of meals and then gives you a list of ingredients required for that menu. We’re using it so that we only have to think weekly about what we will cook and we can do all the shopping just once for the whole week.

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Arc de Triomf

Post-IronHack Planning

It’s been just over a week since I left Barcelona and the Ironhack course. It was a truly incredible experience in a broader sense than I expected.

The final two weeks were spent working on a personal project developed using the technologies that we learned during the course. I had a great mentor (@mediafinger) and worked on a little project called Townbikes – an AirBnB-style site for specialty bikes. Check out the github repo or Heroku app.  It was super-fun to work on something for ourselves: planning, creating, iterating and testing but it was also kind of strange to work by ourselves so much after spending so much time working in pairs or teams.

On the final Friday morning, we presented our projects to the rest of the class and a panel of judges. we spoke about the technologies we chose to use, how we implemented them and what worked or didn’t work for us. You can see the slides of my presentation here. After presenting to the class, I thought it was all over, but then the jury selected five projects to present later in the afternoon to an audience at the Hackshow. My project was selected… Continue reading Post-IronHack Planning

Coding Kata – Mars Rover

UPDATE: The Sandbox is now deactivated

As part of the preparation for the IronHack course that I am doing in July, we have some homework… There are four modules of pre-work to complete: HTML & CSS, Unix Cli & Dev Environment, Git & Github and Ruby & OOP.

I’ve just completed the HTML & CSS section which finished with something called a “Coding Kata”, a brand new concept for me. Essentially, it’s a small coding exercise that can be repeated and solved in various ways to practice different skills.

The Kata we were assigned involved moving around a grid. It’s explained in more detail here. My solution can be found in my Sandbox. I haven’t solved it completely, but it was actually a really great challenge – and one that I think I will repeat.