Christmas 2013 Recap

We had such a great time in Munich for Christmas! I loved hanging out with pals: relaxing, eating and drinking as much as humanly possible…

20131225 Munich 205

We stayed in the loveliest little AirBnB flat right near our hosts and super close to the city centre as well. They put on an incredible feast which seemed like so much work but they made it seem pretty effortless.

20131225 Munich 264 20131225 Munich 385 20131225 Munich 374

I brought the ingredients for a salad and a berry crumble all the way from Cologne on the train but they really were not needed for Christmas Day. Instead, we had them for breakfast (crumble) and lunch (salad) the next day as they weren’t as rich as everything else.

The kris kringle was fun and they invented a dice game to distribute the gifts to everyone which was awesome. I made vanilla extract and caramel sauce as the gifts from Tom and I, then I won a 1 FC Köln rubber duck. His name is Klaus.

20131225 Munich 252 20131225 Munich 240

This morning I spoke with my mum and brother back home in Melbourne to let them know that I missed them at Christmas and also to wish them a Happy New Year. Sometimes speaking with them makes me homesick, but this morning that didn’t happen. It’s not that I don’t miss them (of course I do!) but I feel right now that Europe is the right place for me to be at home.

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