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Alpha beer in Plakias

Crete, October 2016

We left Milan with our bellies full of cheese and wine, headed to the island of Crete in Greece. Greece has been on our list of places to visit for ages, so we were glad to have the opportunity to spend a little while here.

A friend inspired me with the cooking classes she likes to take when travelling to new places. I think it’s a terrific way to meet a local or two and to learn something new. Food is so integral to culture so it’s a great point for getting into a new way of life. As a result, I booked us a cooking class at Vamos village where they held an afternoon class in an old olive oil mill. Continue reading Crete, October 2016


Midsummer Marmelade

On the weekend, our sweet, elderly landlords (who live next door) gifted us with a huge bag of apricots from their backyard tree. I’ve been wary of fruit for the last year or so, as they all seem to give me an allergic reaction these days in raw form.

However, I’ve never made jam before (jam in German is Marmelade, hence the title 😛 ) and was determined to at least try.

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Christmas 2013 Recap

We had such a great time in Munich for Christmas! I loved hanging out with pals: relaxing, eating and drinking as much as humanly possible…

20131225 Munich 205

We stayed in the loveliest little AirBnB flat right near our hosts and super close to the city centre as well. They put on an incredible feast which seemed like so much work but they made it seem pretty effortless.

20131225 Munich 264 Continue reading Christmas 2013 Recap

What’s for dinner?

You know that song “What’s for dinner?” by King Khan & BBQ Show? Or “Stormy Weather” by Reigning Men? Well somehow, lines in these songs have become a running joke in our household:

Mashed potato, chicken pie / What’s for dinner? became simply a refrain of Mashed potato, lots of pie / Where’s my dinner?

Don’t know why/ There’s no sun up in the sky has become Don’t know why / There’s never any pie

Great songs, so good. Still, the constant discussion of pies all culminated in the creation of not one but TWO enormous homemade pies on the weekend.
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Thoughts on priorities

I don’t sleep well anymore. I used to, crawling under the cotton sheets and closing my eyes I would drift off within minutes , not waking until the alarm went off. Dreamless, for the most part, but satisfying and without issues. These days I lie awake or am jolted out of anxious dreams. I wake up in terror of missing my alarm. I’m tired and grumpy a lot of the time, even though I have so much to be thankful for.

So, I take my pleasure in the things I do enjoy and try to put the rest to the back of my mind. Continue reading Thoughts on priorities